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TODAY Online: Fish Versus Fish – Local Seafood Chain Wants Rival To Stop ‘Copying’ Concepts

The two restaurants serve similar Western-style seafood in shallow metal pans. They also both use seafood-related slogans – while one said it had “Something Fishy”, the other used “Nothing Fishy About It”. But last Tuesday, OB Singapore Operations, which owns the Fish & Co chain of restaurants, sued rival Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) Restaurants for…

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ASEAN Economic Bulletin: From Grain-Sized Innovations To Triple-Test Patents in ASEAN: Patterns, Issues, And Implications In Development And Competitiveness

Widely famous for its economic dynamism, ASEAN is not well known as a region of intellectual property creation. Patented assets owned by regional entities have remained very small in volume, notwithstanding the fast-paced, electronics-based transformation in regional production and trade from the 1990s. This is a matter for significant concern because inventions and innovations are…

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Mindvault Secures Rights From US Based PetrashWilliamson To Deploy Best Practice IP Tools In Malaysia

Mindvault Sdn Bhd, a leader in Intellectual Property (IP) and Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) solutions, today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with US based PetrashWilliamson to license and deploy best practice Intellectual Property Asset Management (IPAM) tools in Malaysia. This is the first time that these tools will be made available in the South…

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