Our Brand Statement

Mindvault is a leading professional services brand and a thought leader for Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) in Malaysia. We excel in offering strategic solutions that help our clients realize the highest value from their Intellectual Assets.

About Mindvault

Founded in 2000, Mindvault has since expanded to a firm consisting of three divisions, namely Protection, Intellectual Asset Management and the IAM Institute, and is well-known for delivering improvements in its clients’ ability to compete in the global economy.

The firm aspires to become the leading influential organization driving the field of IAM in Malaysia. Mindvault provides its clients with best-in-class services supported by the firm’s customer-centric management policies and proactive professionals.

Mindvault’s goal is to protect, grow and realize the value of its clients’ Intellectual Assets through its innovative, solution-oriented and systems-driven approach to identifying, managing and commercializing Intellectual Assets.

Our Credentials

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