Mindvault is the leading Intellectual Property (IP) and Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) consulting firm in Malaysia

Drawing from our experience in the legal, business and technical fields, we deliver innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs in extracting maximum value from their Intellectual Assets.



Highly-regarded as a team driven by business sensibilities, Mindvault’s consultants provide clarity and direction in navigating through the New Economy.

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Solutions for You

Need help protecting, managing and commercializing your Intellectual Assets? We have the right solutions for you!

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A trade mark is a name, brand or logo that can be used to identify and distinguish your goods or services from those of another person.

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A patent is a form of legal protection given to new inventions. The owner of the patent is granted the exclusive right to exploit, assign and license the patented invention.

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Copyright is a form of legal protection given to works of creative expression. The owner of the copyright in a work is given certain exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce the work and to sell it.

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