Last night, I was at the TeAM Industry Dinner 2005 at the Marriott Hotel in Putrajaya. The reason I was there was because Mindvault was nominated for the TeAM Merit Award for Oustanding Group Contribution to Technopreneurship. We were nominated along with Malaysian Debt Ventures (MDV) and the Cradle Investment Programme (CIP).

When I heard about the nomination, I actually wondered why we were nominated. You see, in the course of our business, we never set out to do what we do to win awards. We do what we do because we are passionate about what we do.

So, it was a real surprise to receive this nomination. I actually wondered what made us deserve this award. It was only at the dinner table when our nomination was announced that it dawned on me. The person sitting next to me asked what we had done for technopreneurship and it just came to me how we have really invested a lot of time to educate the ICT sector about the importance of Intellectual Property protection, management and commercialization.

From the days we were involved with MAVCAP’s “Ignite The Technopreneur Fire!” program to conducting sessions with the Technoperneur Development Flagship of MDC as well as speaking to university researchers via the National Unipreneur Development Program (NUDP) as well as numerous other workshops and clinics with organizations like the MCA ICT Resource Center (MIRC), it dawned on me how much time we had actually devoted to supporting technopreneurship in Malaysia.

Looking back, it has been a rewarding journey and it is nice to be recognized for our efforts.

By the way, we didn’t win the award. CIP deservedly received the honor.

Posted by: David Oh on 21/8/2005 11:00:41 PM