At Mindvault, we are committed to your personal growth as we build a highly motivated and competent team of people. We provide a fun environment where camaraderie is fostered and your individuality is championed. If you choose to build your career with us, you will be mentored by our experienced consultants who will train you to think with a strategic perspective, yet being practical in delivering solutions to the client.

Mindvault is very selective in the caliber of people who are invited to join our team. We are only looking for people with the following traits:

  • Excited
  • Approachable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Innovative
  • Reliable
  • Rigorous
  • Competent

If you possess these characteristics, we are looking for you to fill the following positions:

Position: Trademark Clerk
Description: You will be working in our Trademark Department assisting our consultants in the preparation of forms and correspondences with MyIPO and clients.
Qualifications: Malaysian resident with at least 2 year’s experience as a trademark clerk.

Position: Consultant
Description: You will be working in the IAM division providing IP and IAM consulting to our clients.
Qualifications: At least 3-4 years general IP experience. IP litigation lawyers are encouraged to apply.

Kindly email your application together with your resume to [email protected] or fax it to (03) 62035071 attention to “HR Manager”.